Amish Farmers

The Amish farmers are one of the most productive farmers in the nation. They are also known as the “Plain People”. The Amish do not use tractors or any other electronic equipment in their fields. They use horsepower.
Their families and their farms are their top priorities, the second important thing is the believe to god.

Also the Amish people don’t have any electricity, like telephones or radios, in their homes. The only telephone they have is at the end of the village. The Amish people are better to keep the modern world away from their life.

Amish community

The Amish people have a strong sense of community spirit and they need it very often. A good example for their community is that neighbours help each other.

The Amish think that the bible doesn’t allow taking photos of people. So please accept and respect there way of life if you visit them.

We, from the modern world, can learn many things from the Amish people and their way of life. Their devotion to family and community and their strong work ethic are very good examples for our larger society.

Many people from the modern world ask themselves how the Amish people can stay alive so far away from the modern world. That’s also a reason why the Amish are so popular.

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