Amish Schools

 On the left picture you can see the boys and on the right picture you can see the girls on their way to school.
Amish pupil wouldn’t be Amish pupil, if they have no schooluniform.
For the many Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonite children living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the ringing school bell signals a time to shift attention from field work to school work, a time to drop the hoe and pick up a pencil.

Old Order children attend one-room schools through the eighth grade and are usually taught by a young, unmarried woman. As a result of the County's growing Old Order population, enrollment in their one-room schools is surging. During recent years Old Order leaders have been over-seeing the construction of new one-room school buildings at the rate of about five per year.

A 1972 Supreme Court ruling exempted the Old Order sects from compulsory attendance laws beyond the eighth grade. The one-room schools restrict worldly influences and stress the basics such as reading, writing and arithmetic. The importance of the community and cooperation among its members are also emphasized.

For a description of a typical day in an Amish school, see below.
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